GOBookings Tutorial

These pages provide a simple overview of the internet booking system covering the major function of the booking process. This system has been implemented to facilitate the making of appointments with Dr. David Barton. When you make a booking, the worker/claimant's details are retained within the system as a customer. A box containing all the previously entered customers is presented at the main calendar page. This can be accessed to make a further booking (eg for a re-examination). However for other activities, the time/date entry is used.

The subjects covered are:

  1. Bookmarking the relevant page
  2. Logging on and making an appointment
  3. Cancelling an appointment
  4. Rescheduling an appointment
  5. Navigating between the rooms

Bookmarking the Page

To gain access to the booking system, it will be necessary to bookmark the webpage prevohc.com.au. The initial webpage of the booking system will not function correctly if used as the bookmark.

At prevohc.com.au clicking on the Bookings button takes you to the first page of the online booking system. The first choice is the location of the rooms you require (City or Surrey Hills). Simply click on the desired location. Generally Surrey Hills appointments are more readily available.

Logging On and Making an Appointment

The next page allows you to immediately check for the next available appointment by clicking on the Search button. Otherwise if you require an appointment after a specified date, use the dropdown boxes to select a date. The next available date after the day you selected will be displayed.

You will now be asked to enter your Booking System Username and Booking System Password. These details should have already been provided to your organisation. By correctly entering these you will then be logged on and have access to the booking system. Once you have entered the booking system, you will be timed out/logged off if you do not maintain a certain level of activity. The system will allow you to display:

  1. available appointments at the room's location selected for the next three months,
  2. all future appointments your organisation has made at that location,
  3. a current list of all claimants/workers (referred to as customers by the system) your organisation has made bookings for previously, at both locations.

If you do not have, or can't remember, your username and/or password please, contact my rooms on (03) 9836 1813 or myself directly on 0418 338 434. You will be required to confirm your identity to ensure that you are entitled to be given a username and password. At this stage the link to Forgotten Password is not active.

You are now presented with a general calendar (on the left) as well as the available times for the first available day after the date you selected. If you simply wish to make a new booking, click in the box to the left of an available time (a tick will appear) and then click on the Book button.

If you want to select a different day use the calendar on the left, simply click on the available date you require. The following table describes what each of the colours indicates.

8 The current date.
8 The entire session is open for appointments.
8 The date is available for bookings, and your organization has already made at least one booking on this date.
8 The date is completely booked, and your organization has at least one of the appointments.
8 The date is not available for appointments.

Once you have selected the time/date that you require simply click on the Book Button in the middle of the screen. You will then be prompted for the following items: your name, telephone number, claimant/worker's name, claim/reference number and employer. There is free text field for Special Requests. For example if a worksite visit, or urgent report, is required. All fields must have an alphanumeric entry. Once complete you will be presented with a screen confirming all details. This can be printed, or copied and pasted to another computer application.

If you are making an appointment for a worker/claimant that has previously been entered into the system, their details should be available. To the left of the Book button is a box with an alphabetical list of all names previously entered or booked by your organisation. There are 3 ways to find a worker/claimant:

You can then select the worker/claimant by highlighting their name, select a time and the click the Book button. You will then only have to enter your name and telephone number. You can update/change any of the worker/claimant's details, and have these changes saved for future reference.

Cancelling an Appointment

If you wish to cancel an appointment, and you know the location, date and time, begin in the same way that you would to make an appointment and search for the known date. You will also be required to enter your Booking System Username and Booking System Password if you are not already logged in.

Once you have identified the appointment to be cancelled, click in the box to the left of the name (a tick will appear) and then click on the Cancel button, located at the bottom of the window. The details of the cancelled booking will then be provided as confirmation. You can then log off or return to the calendar for further activity.

If you do not know the location, date or time, you can search by the worker/claimant's surname or first name. To do this from the main calendar menu click on Your Company Name (located near the top right of the screen), click on Search All Bookings and enter (part of) the name you are searching for. From the list provided the appointment can be cancelled directly by clicking on the Cancel button.

Rescheduling an Existing Appointment

This can be done directly if you want to reschedule the appointment to the same rooms. If you wish to swap rooms you will need to cancel the existing appointment, change to the other rooms (via the Directory Page - see Navigating Between the Rooms) and select a time in the usual way. The worker/claimant's details will still be in the system as an existing customer.

If you wish to change the time and date of an existing appointment, and you know the date and time, begin in the same way that you would to make an appointment and search for the known date. You will also be required to enter your Booking System Username and Booking System Password if you are not already logged in.

To change the appointment, first check the date you wish to move the appointment to, from the calendar section. Any other date that is coloured white or pale green has an available appointment. Note this date as you will be required to enter it subsequently. Next click on the box to the left of the appointment you wish to change (a tick will appear in that box) and then click on the Reschedule Booking button. You will then be presented with drop down boxes to enter the date you wish to move the appointment to. Click the Next button and the available appointment times for the date you have selected will be displayed. Select the specific time by clicking on the box to the left and then the Reschedule Booking button. You will be provided with a confirmation of the change, which can be printed or copied.

Navigating Between the Rooms

From time to time you may wish to make an appointment or check the details for an appointment at the other rooms. You will not need to log out to do this.

At the top right hand corner of most screen there is a list of menu options in blue. If you are logged in the list will be:

Calendar Takes you to the Calendar Page for selecting times for bookings or checking current appointments.
Directory Takes you back to the original log-in page form where you can go to either room location.
Contact Provides the Address details for the room location you are at.
Manage Customers Enables you to search for previously entered customers (ie workers or claimants.
(Your Name) Provides an option to search all bookings (at either rooms) or obtain a full booking history for a nominated date range.
Log Off Logs you off the system

To change rooms, click on the word Directory and you will taken back to the page that allows you to then select either the City or Surrey Hills Rooms. Simply click on the rooms you wish to check or make a booking for.